Join hundreds of athletes at the beautiful event venue in Antigua, for Antigua's most stunning triathlon.

The AUA Rohrman is Antigua's largest triathlon. Rohrman is dedicated to the memory of the late Jonathan Rohr.

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Entry Options

Olympic (1.5k Swim, 40k Bike, 10k Run) Sprint (750m Swim, 20k Bike, 5k Run) Mini (500m Swim, 10k Bike, 2.5k Run)
18 & Under (750m Swim, 20k Bike, 5k Run), 16 & Under (500m Swim, 10k Bike, 2.5k Run), 14 & Under (250m Swim, 5k Bike, 1k Run), 10 & Under (100-meter swim, 2-km bike, 500-meter run), 8 & Under (50m swim, 1k bike, 250m run), 6 & Under (5-meter swim, 100-meter bike, 100-meter run)
1,500 M Open Water Swim (Swim with Olympians Andrea Hewitt and David Hauss)
5k Run, 5k Walk, 1 Mile Beach Run
Typically involves a team of one swimmer, one cyclist and one runner. A two-person team is allowed where one person takes on two of the disciplines.


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